Tango Argentino- dance born in Argentina from the fusion of Argentinian folk dances, plus rhythms from Africa, and influences from Europe

Abrazo- “Hug”: the keyword and probably the most important fact in Tango

Milonga- place where to dance Tango, but also name of one style of dancing Tango

Cumparsita- famous Tango written in 1916, traditionally played in each Milonga to indicate the end of the dancing for the night

Note: each one of these “words” means much more than what is written here. We could write chapters about each one of them, like for example that Uruguay, Paraguay, and all South America dance and feel Tango, too.

With this event we just want to tickle your curiosity towards something that has no age or gender or style limits: welcome.

Argentinsk Tango weekend

Special event on May 2019!!!

May the 24th, 25th and 26th 2019 a full immersion “Tango weekend” will take place at Badehotel Harmonien.

Thanks to the precious collaboration of the Tango Argentinian instructors: Gunner Svendsen and Ann Berit Sourial, Tango’s notes will gently invade our theatre and restaurant spaces. A mini course with workshops, milonga, rooms, and food all inclusive : gunner@tangodelnorte.dk 


Also available a “Touch of Tango” for inexperienced but interested people from Ærø: Saturday, May the 25th.

Italian dinner (3 courses), plus Tango lesson, plus access to the Milonga and Tango performance at 420 Dkr per person .

H: 17:30 doors opening

H: 17:45/19:45 Italian dinner

H: 20:00 Tango lesson 45’

H: 21:00 Coffee and Milonga

H: 22:00 Tango show

H:23:00 “Cumparsita” closing doors



Antipasto- Tuna Carpaccio with Citronette, and Citrus Fruits

Primo- Home made fresh Tagliolini with Tiger Shrimps, Asparagus, and Cherry Tomatoes Secondo- Branzino Filet, “Acquapazza” in white wine, and Potatoes    



A selection of wines will also be suggested following the Italian tradition, however the drinks are on the guests’ choice and not included.

Dress code required: elegant.

Reservation necessary: only 40 people