Welcome to

Badehotel Harmonien

A stay on our Ærø

in the old fairy tale Ærøskøbing

is a relief  for the soul.

 Hotel and Restaurant

 are open again from February the 12th, 2021


 and we are ready to take good care of our guests,

 however: due to the Covid19 situation the number of   available rooms is at the moment limited to   guarantee a safe and relaxing stay.


Please, contact us for details


Opening hours Restaurant Pizzeria AmoreMare

Note: the restaurant is close until February

Open every day, except Wednesdays................17.30 till 21.30

closed on Wednesdays

Limited number of tables,

unlimited desire to spoil you with our italian specialities!

We recommend to book your table at +45 425 00005

In the summer, we also serve breakfast.

To order breakfast, please contact the hotel.