Bedste managed the hotel with hard hand, but it was difficult for them to run what they rented it and even sold it, then again to take it over in 1920.

In 1923 Mads dies, and Bedsten continues it with the help of son and daughter-in-law, untilshe dies in 1941, here after his son Hans "Farver" took over and ran it until 1944, when it passed to Andreas Groth Rasmussen. At a time, Groth Rasmussen only wanted to run the hotel section, and therefore he rented the restaurant out several times, one of the tenants he could not cooperate with and there is a funny story, because if you were a guest in the restaurant and asked if there were available rooms, Then you were told that there was full occupancy, or talked a lot about the standard of the rooms, and conversely if there was a guest staying there, the restaurant was either closed or not recommended at all. This was so much to the benefit of the other hotels and restaurants.

In 1978, Ærø Højskole, with music and theater, opened as a major, but due to failing pupil numbers and a new college reform, they had to close in 2011, the next year the hotel will be empty and it will be taken over by A. Lindhardt, who rents it out.



In the old days, the hotel was actually 2 hotels, Hotel Harmonien and Møllers Hotel.

Møllers Hotel was owned by restaurateur Berthel Petersen Møller, who ran it with her sister, It had entrance from the molesty and a popular cone game in the garden. The hotel was on the corner of Brogade and Nørregade, clustered by Harmonien.

Hotel Harmonien was built in 1850 by restaurateur Petersen, In 1885. Harmonien gets its distinctive and beautiful terrace and porch, designed by renowned architect Jens Juel Eckersberg, who came a lot on Ærø. in 1903, it was purchased by Mads Møllegrav and Ellen Marie (The Best), who have probably been some of the most distinctive personalities, it is also those who buy Møllers Hotel in 1913 and join them together.

Bedsten og møllegraven, i haven på Harmonien.

From the activities at Harmonien, there have been live pictures already in 1908, there were regular film shows called "The Cinema Theater Harmonien and adults could watch movies for 25 øre and children 15 øre"

In these years, work is being done to get the Bath Hotel renovated, it is a long process, and careful work done by some of the skilled local craftsmen, currently. the façade has got a great deal, both masonry and windows. And the big project right now is total renovation of our unique terrace, down to the water.

It is a slow process, and will take a few years, but we have great plans for the Bath Hotel, that we will bring it back to the past but with contemporary and modern facilities.

Our new sign below the hotel is carved by the local artist and sculptor Ole Hartvig.

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