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Ærø has many activities to offer, nature is very special, there is a big diversity in the nature, there is something for everybody. You experience it best on a bike, on the magurite route that goes all the way around Ærø.

There is the golf course at Søby, a fantastic place, with many challenges, and a fabulous view over the south Funen archipelago. There are museums, the Bottle Ship Collection, Hammerich's House and the City Museum in Ærøskøbing just around the corner of the hotel.

Marstal Maritime Museum, with working workshops etc. is a huge experience. at Søbygaard, you can see exhibitions and experience the history of the old age on the island, and see the gentle restoration of the castle and its moat and breeding buildings.

Ærøskøbing city is in itself worth a visit with the topped cobblestones and the incredibly well-preserved houses that have been carefully preserved with the help of an incredibly strict but important conservation plan.

The harbors environment in Marstal is also worth a visit, here you can really sense the history and a walk to the limestone kiln, is absolutely fantastic.

They can also see the arrangement calendar from the Tourist Bureau which shows what happens in the coming time.

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