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About Ærø


The island, Ærø is a real island - and you sail to the real island. Beautifully situated in the heart of the South Funen Archipelago, you will find the pearl, Ærø, with its fantastic nature and charming urban communities large and small, which lie like pearls along the coasts. From the east side of the island, lies Marstal, the cozy maritime town that exudes shipping, with a unique harbor environment. Marstal is also Ærø's largest city.

In the middle of the island you´ll find Ærøskøbing, and here lies the Badehotel Harmonien, Ærøskøbing is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Denmark. In 2002, Ærøskøbing was awarded the prestigious Europe Nostra award for the preservation of European cultural heritage. The city is pure idyllic, with the climbing roses the well-preserved houses with the many fine details, and not least the entire old town, covered with topped cobblestones. The city has changed very little thanks to a conservation plan that strongly upheld.

In the western part of the island is Søby, a real fishing and shipyard town, Søby is situated on the tip of the island, and is a small community, with many enthusiasts having a strong unity. It is a charming area with an incredible fauna, one of the great experiences is Vitsø that has been opened up, with paths here you can see fishing herons and other exciting animal species, and an incredible plant life. 5 km from Søby, there is also the golf course, 18 hole golf course, with a breathtaking view of the entire south Funen archipelago. If you are interested in golf it is a huge experience and at the same time a challenging link path.

Besides the three main towns, there are a wealth of small towns, the larger small towns are distributed on the ridge of the island, but a bike ride via the magurite route is a truly fantastic experience. Experience the Ærøske "alps" nature park and charming farms and paddocks along the route. There are many experiences, artisans, small shops, among others. Rise Brewery, where there are tastings on the local beer.

Badehotel Harmonien

Brogade 1

5970 Ærøskøbing 

Tlf: (+45) 42 50 00 04 

Email: info@badehotelharmonien.dk

Restaurant AmoreMare 

Tlf: (+45) 42 50 00 05 

Email: amoremare@badehotelharmonien.dk

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