Velkommen til Badehotel Harmonien Brogade 1, Ærøskøbing

Unpretentious gem in a beautiful setting
The hotel is on the beach of the fairytale town of Ærøskøbing with a garden that opens up to the sea. A mear 10 minute walk from the hotel you will find more beaches, including the one with the iconic colorful bathhouses streaching along the shore.

Whether you chose romantic walks along the water, historical experiences in the charming old town, an active cykeling holiday in Ærøs natural beauty, Badehotel Harmonien  can provide the perfect framework for your visit. 

Look forward to enjoying a cup of coffee on the unique  terrase while the morning sun touches the ocean.


                       🌬🌤☃️ Winter holidays getting to the end... Pizzeria opening again from...  🌬🌤☃️

                                               ...from Friday the 8th of February!!!

                        Each Friday, Saturday and Sunday of February h: 17:30/21:30 

                   From March open every day h: 17:30/21:30 except for Wednesdays          



                                    Information or booking    E-mail:

                                                Telephone (+45) 42 50 00 05        Also WhatsApp

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